September 19, 2007

the Big 10 Cut Down to Size

The Big 10 has been cut down to size by upsets

The league's first blow came on opening day when then-No. 5 Michigan lost 34-32 to Appalachian State, the first time a Top 25 team lost to a I-AA team.

"If that's the only thing, things would be all right, but last week really hurt," said Jerry Palm, whose Web site,, ranks teams. "Iowa loses to Iowa State, who probably won't beat anyone else. Northwestern loses to Duke, who hadn't beaten anyone in two years and probably won't beat anyone else. And Minnesota loses to Bowling Green and Florida Atlantic.

"That's four teams that have suffered embarrassing losses. When it's that many teams in the league, it drags everyone down in the perception of the fans, the voters and it hurts them in the computer rankings."

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