September 13, 2007

Centerville Deaths Update

The Press is pushing the police to release the 911 tapes in the case of the 18 and 19 year old Centerville sisters who were killed (at least one of them) days apart in their home:
"We're simply asking the prosecutor to comply with public records access laws and provide the citizens of Centerville and Wayne County at least a glimpse into the events of the past two weeks," Johnson said. "What exists in the absence of this basic information is an environment of speculation and rumor. That's hardly in the best interest of the community."

David Bursten, Indiana State Police 1st Sgt., and supervisor of police public information for central and southern Indiana, agreed with Cross.

"Any 911 call is a piece of evidence and is not releasable. It's not public record," Bursten said. "This is consistent with how we deal with all our cases in all 92 counties."
Key said that's just plain wrong.

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