September 19, 2007

Safety First

The Indy Star reports that Indiana has set a record for seat belt use
"This is a major victory for traffic safety in the state of Indiana," said Mike Cunegin, executive director of the [Criminal Justice] Institute. "We are confident that this increase in seat belt usage will translate into lives saved on Indiana's roadways. This level of compliance shows that Hoosiers now recognize that buckling up can drastically reduce death and serious injury on our roads."

A law that took effect July 1 requires almost everyone to wear seat belts, including those riding in back seats or traveling in pickup trucks, SUVs and minivans.

In a related story, the Handrail Institute of Indiana reports an increase in people holding on to handrails as they walk down stairs. OK, so there isn't any Handrail Institute of Indiana... I'm just saying, don't you think it's possible that more people are wearing seatbelts because the average age of Hoosiers is increasing, we're more experienced, we slowing down -- not because of any law.

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