September 17, 2007

Ablution at the Indy Airport

The upgrade of the Indianapolis International Airport terminal will include low sinks for ritual cleansing. Ablution is the cleansing of the body in preparation for prayer, cleaning the feet is the last step. Muslims call it "Wudu."
The new airport terminal is funded primarily through general airline revenues. About 10 percent of funding, for devices such as safety and flight equipment, comes from federal grants. But some critics say these foot baths are religious facilities in a public place -- and a clear constitutional violation.

Robert Spencer founded the group Jihad Watch, which aims to raise awareness of what its founders perceive as a proliferation of Islamic law into mainstream society. Spencer compares installing a foot bath in a restroom to putting in a holy water font to accommodate Catholic cab drivers.

"The only conceivable group that will use the foot bath are Muslims for prayer," Spencer said. "It's a religious installation for a religious use."

Airport officials say they see it differently.

"These facilities are for everybody's use," said David Dawson, spokesman for the new terminal project.

This really wouldn't bother people so much if the there weren't groups in America going out of their way to remove all expressions of Christianity from the public square:

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Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia denounce the decision by the Indianapolis International Airport to install footbaths. The controversy will further alienate the non-Muslim population. Footbaths will be used as urinals, which will provoke tensions, and more importantly, installing religious ritualistic devices on public property clearly violates the separation of Church and State.

For Islamists, this is a step towards Islamization of of the West; for Americans, it is a step towards Dhimmitude.