September 22, 2007

Town & Country To Tour Ossian Villas

The Home Builders Association of Fort Wayne sponsors the Town & Country New Home Tour each year. This year, they'll be touring "The Bridges" in Ossian.
Ossian-based Barkley also plans to use the geothermal systems and apply the same energy-efficiency standards to any of the traditional single-family homes it builds in the 49-lot subdivision.

Barkley, which has been in business since 1981, has been putting geothermal units in some of the homes it’s built since 1984. But with fuel costs continuing to increase and consumers more aware of energy and environmental issues, building an entire villa development with geothermal systems “just made sense,” said Josh Barkley, who runs the company with his father, Randy Barkley.

The geothermal units are made by WaterFurnace, a Fort Wayne manufacturer.

Randy Barkley is, of course, a member of the Norwell Class of 1975. And Sevens members Bob Brown and Lynn Gerhing, as I've mentioned before, are part of the team at WaterFurnace.

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