September 1, 2007

Seat Belt Money

15.7 million dollars. That's how much federal tax money is coming to Indiana toward further enforcement of our seat belt laws. All in all, the Feds handed out 109 million dollars to the states for seatbelt enforcement.

My first choice would be for the government to not take that $109 million -- just let the people keep it. But if our money must be confiscated, can't we at least use it for something worthwhile? Why not invest the $109 million in high-speed rail or other, decent public transportation. Why not put it into a fund for New Orleans repairs or some future disaster. Why not use it as seed money for science scholarships to increase the number of students in areas the future needs.

Seat belt enforcement? If you had 109 million dollars to blow, would that be your best call? I guess that's why we're not in Congress.

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