September 5, 2007

Paris to London

This is why I like high speed rail. If you can get from Paris to London (over 300 miles) in just over two hours, reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour... just think how that would expand the marketplace in Indiana. If we could travel quickly and easily to Indy, or Chicago, suddenly it becomes feasible to commute to those places for a job, or for school, or for entertainment.

My grandparents (born just after 1900) used to tell me about the full day's trip it used to be from Ossian to Fort Wayne by wagon. Strangely, at the time, it is was rather easy to hop on a train and travel anywhere in the country. Now people in Ossian travel to Ft. Wayne every day but it's not so easy to hop a train and go to cities further away... if we start now, perhaps our own grandchildren would see their regions expand as we have.

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