July 30, 2008


OK, so perhaps only a small slice of the world would find this picture funny... but I grew up buying every Superman comic book I could find and afford and you have to admit, the comparison between Al Gore and Jor-El (Superman's Dad) are striking. Of course, Gore-El is not a scientist, he is a ... what? A Scaremonger? No, more than that... a ProfitMonger -- that's better, because he both "profits" from scaring people into buying carbon transfers in which he's invested, and he's also treated like a "prophet" despite none of his prophesies coming true thus far. Another difference between the fictional Jor-El and the all-to-real Gore-El, is that Jor-El was right, Krypton did explode.
Jor-El was a highly respected scientist on the planet Krypton before its destruction...a fate which he foresaw, but was unable to convince his colleagues of in time to save their race. Jor-El was, however, able to save his infant son Kal-El, sending him in a homemade rocket ship to the planet Earth just moments before Krypton's destruction.

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