July 24, 2008

Environmentalism and Germany

Didn't I just read today here that Germany plans to build 27 coal-fired plants by 2020? All of Europe combined (including Germany) has "40 new major coal power plants set to be built in the next five years." It's not in Germany, but in America where all the efforts to increase power are being throttled in their infancy, it is not in America, but in Europe where the governments that signed off on Kyoto are building fossil fuel plants to meet their coming needs -- and yet Obama complains about cars in Boston and factories in Beijing melting the ice caps, and yet Obama says to the German people, "Let us resolve that all nations -- including my own -- will act with the same seriousness of purpose as has your nation, and reduce the carbon we send into our atmosphere." Question: who here thinks Senator Obama is actually impressed with the German energy plan and who thinks he was just pandering again. If you think he was not pandering, do you then believe he will propose a large increase in America's coal-fired power plants?

Yes, "In America there are voices that deride and deny the importance of Europe." And yes, Europe does "have the view that America is part of what's gone wrong in the world." We do not think like Europeans, we actually admire and try to promote people who mean what they say and do what they say they will do. Europe votes for and ignores Kyoto and is praised around the world while America votes down Kyoto but refuses to plan for future energy needs, hoping for some magic energy dart of a solution. Who gets the praise from Obama? Europe, Germany for continuing to build fossil fuel plants despite their agreements. Who gets the blame from Obama? America, for refusing to sign on, but effectively powering down our country.

There are hi-tech companies in major American cities that cannot add any more computers because the power companies have no more energy to give -- and on TV we see commercials saying, "If enough of us demand cleaner forms of energy (from our government), we cannot be ignored." Is that the America in which you were raised? The America where the people stand up and demanded new forms of fuel from their government as if scientific breakthroughs were within the purview of the Congress? I don't think so.

Update: And another thing. When, when will some Red-State governor finally put his or her foot down and build power plants, drill for oil and mine coal and shale despite -- or rather in spite of -- federal regulations and D.C. Congressional disapproval. What are the Feds going to do, send the Army to tear it down?

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