July 25, 2008

Batman, Bush, Right and Wrong

What Bush and Batman have in common

Batman understands that there is no moral equivalence between a free society -- in which people sometimes make the wrong choices -- and a criminal sect bent on destruction. The former must be cherished even in its moments of folly; the latter must be hounded to the gates of Hell.


Amy said...

I had to laugh out loud thru this entire article. It's obvious that Pres Bush could do anything, and I do mean anything, including slapping this guys' mother down in front of him, and Mr. Klavan's adoration for Pres Bush would not change. A true believer who doesn't let facts get in the way of his opinions.

Dan said...

You may not believe me, Amy, but I'm looking forward to more school news... I'm already tired of my own one-sided coverage of this election and suspect I'll be writing less and less about this long, drawn out political season as more local news becomes available.

And there's always the Olympics!