July 25, 2008

The Carbon Curtain

From Peter Huber's article, "The Carbon Curtain"

Together, China and India control more than one-fifth of the planet's vast coal reserves. Dar predicts--very plausibly, in my view--that the two countries may fire up a new coal plant as often as once a week for the next 25 years, adding about twice as much coal-fired generating capacity as the U.S. has today.

Uranium is the only carbon-free fuel liked by fast-growing nations. Some 439 nuclear power plants are currently operating in 31 countries. China plans to build another 100 for itself in the next 20 years. By 2020 or so a new reactor will be starting up somewhere in the world every five to six days...

The article discusses, at least obliquely, the vast chasm between the Al Gore, Media driven "consensus" versus the reality of growing power needs across the world.   Despite the overwhelming media blitz about Global Warming... nobody really believes.  Not Al Gore and his power-chugging posse and mansion, not Senator Obama and his globe-hopping 757 and certainly not the double-talking Europeans whose whole goal with respect to Global Warming appears to be economic warfare propaganda against the United States.

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