July 24, 2008

Astronaut Talks of Aliens

There are a lot of articles out today regarding Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a NASA astronaut who once walked on the moon.  He talked a bit on a radio show about alien beings, Roswell and the cover up of alien visitors

Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'

He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

For those who don't know, Mitchell has been saying this kind of thing for many, many years.  I enjoy a good alien discussion more than most, but it is unbelievable that a cabal of NASA insiders (except for Mitchell) would keep this secret through the huge budget cuts NASA has experienced since the heyday of the moon shots.  After all, what better way to get funding for space exploration than to hold a joint presser with ET.

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