August 16, 2007


I don't know if you're familiar with "Upward Sports" -- it's an evangelical sports ministry for kids from K through 6 that started in a church in South Carolina in 1986 and has grown like gangbusters. Today, half a million kids or so participate in Upward Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Cheerleading all over the country.

Sevens member Brad Mattax is a regional rep for Upward -- and what a region... Brad covers not only Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, but his region extends to the entire Northeast of the United States:
Brad is originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. He started at Upward in September 2005. He has been an Upward Basketball League Director for 9 years, a Soccer League Director for 6 years, and a Flag Football Director for 2 years. He and his wife, Barb, have five children. Brad enjoys tennis and running Upward with his wife.

We all know, of course, that this blurb on Brad is wrong. He was originally from Road One, just north of Ossian.

Note: Upward Sports, Fort Wayne Area.

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