August 23, 2007

Crisis of Faith

I read Time's article on Mother Teresa today.

It's unsettling that letters she wrote to her confessors and friends, which she specifically requested be destroyed at her death, are now the subject of a book. That said, I find her life all the more remarkable for the "dark years" she experienced. Not for everyone, I know, but if you have the time...


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Dan,

Too bad Mother Teresa couldn't discern that the reason for her conclusions about the Christian god is because he doesn't exist. In fact, the gods professed by all three so-called faiths of Abraham are purposeful deceptions, hence the darkness she felt.

On the other hand, in spite of her inability to discern the existence of Jesus or God, she persisted in doing good, by her own strength.

I am deeply sorry for her suffering while greatly admiring her decades of good works. After all, no true saint would ever claim that faith is more important than good works.

Revelation 10:7
But within the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as She has declared to Her servants the prophets.

Here is Wisdom !!

Dan McAfee said...

The Universe came from somewhere, or else you believe it was always here? You value Mother Teresa's good works, but consider good and bad to be human inventions upon which we all agree? If you truly disbelieved in God, you wouldn't waste your time trying to convince others you are right, since right and wrong would be determined by each of us and it would be pointless to consider any view better or worse than your own.