August 25, 2007

Ossian Geothermal

WaterFurnace International teamed up with Bee Creek Developments to create a 100% geothermal subdivision in Ossian.
The system contains hundreds of feet of polyethylene coils buried about five feet beneath the ground’s surface. These coils act as a huge radiator. They contain water with an antifreeze solution that is circulated under 60 pounds of pressure.

The system absorbs and exchanges heat in the ground. The fluid circulating in the pipes absorbs the ground’s heat when the weather is cold to produce warm air for the house. When the weather is hot, the system reverses. Heat is pulled from the building and deposited in the cooler ground to create cool air for the house.

These systems do not burn fossil fuel, so they don’t emit greenhouse gases or contribute to global warming. They are quiet, easy to maintain and extremely efficient. Ritchey said the WaterFurnace system achieves 500 percent efficiency.

The subdivision is called "The Bridges" and is located across from the new park on Locker Plant road.

Sevens members Bob Brown and Lynn Gehring both work at Water Furnace in Ft. Wayne.

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