August 18, 2007

Title IX and Norwell

Check out the quotes by Sevens member Teri Rosinski in this News-Sentinel article today on how Title IX changed the perception of female athletes.
Teri Rosinski is among those athletes who can vouch for what conditions were like before and after Title IX.

Rosinski was 13 years old when Title IX was passed. She was named Miss Basketball and graduated from Norwell High School in 1977. She also played collegiately on scholarship at Illinois State.

"I grew up in a neighborhood with boys and played pickup basketball games with them in the summer," Rosinski said. "We had ready-made teams in my neighborhood. Basically, I made my own opportunities."

When Sevens member (and former North Oaks neighbor of the Rosinski's) Tim George took credit for Teri's success recently, I thought he was kidding -- turns out he was right. There are more quotes in the article, linked above.

Update: This could very well be an old article from the News-Sentinal... the banner at the top shows the current date and time & made me think it was new. Still interesting, though. As I looked through the yearbooks for the reunion, it was glaring to see the GAA pictures in the early years as an all encompassing picture of "girls sports."

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