March 7, 2008

Harrison loses it

The Pacers' loss to the Spurs last night was an ugly game.  The San Antonio coach (Gregg Poppovich) was thrown out of the game early for insulting the refs, the Indiana coach (Jim O'Brien) also received a technical foul late in the game for arguing a call.   Pacer Troy Murphy got a flagrant foul near the end and then Pacer David Harrison (who has failed three drug tests so far this season and yet somehow remains on the floor despite the Pacers' stated values of wanting their team to "stand for the right things") lost control of himself, turned to an official and said "I'm going to (expletive) kill him" -- referring to the Spurs Matt Bonner who had fouled Harrison earlier.  Bang, out of the game for Harrison.

But not the end for Harrison.  Instead of sitting down, Harrison stood by the bench and swore at Bonner until they sent him to the locker room where he received "medical attention."

You have to wonder, since David Harrison's three failed drug tests were marijuana related, and since there was a gigantic marijuana drug bust in Harlan yesterday ... just what was upsetting Harrison so much?

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