March 16, 2008

Woods makes his move

Tiger Woods' 66 today took him from 20th position to only two shots down in the PGA Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. Woods is going for his seventh win in a row, four of them PGA tour events.

Update: I turned off the TV after Tiger was done, but the field came down to meet him, so he's tied for the lead, poised for victory tomorrow....

Update 2: Tiger proved he was human, missing a little seven-footer on the 11th and then missing the bunny three-footer coming back. Of course then he pulled out his inhuman card and rolled in a 23-footer beauty to break a deadlock and win outright on the final hole of the day. What a beautiful putt! That's Tiger at the top, spiking his hat into the turf in victory (who says Golf isn't a contact sport!).

This guy's not a believer
As great as Tiger is, as dominant as he's been, as well as he's playing, only a fool would bet him to beat the entire field of a top-level PGA Tour event.

Yes, Tiger has won every time he's teed it up this season. Yes, he'd won six tournaments (four on the PGA Tour) in a row heading into Thursday's first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Yes, he's the greatest professional athlete of our time.

But, no, he's not going to win every tournament he plays this season.

If you think Tiger is going to beat everybody every week, you are either a sucker -- or something far more foolhardy

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