March 17, 2008

Luers vs. Winchester

Indiana 2A Winchester came in 2nd last year and have seven returning players finding themselves in the same position this year, facing off against Bishop Luers.  Winchester is small, but they were able to beat Mater Dei which had a very large team.  The final question will be whether Winchester's experience last year in the finals will give them the edge over Luers. 

Both Woodlan and Bluffton were able to stop Luers powerhouse Sophomore  DeShaun Thomas, but stopping Thomas means that the scoring flowed easily to other Luers players -- so both Woodlan and Bluffton came close, but lost in the end.  If Winchester goes the same route and focuses it's defense on stopping Thomas, they will likely come to the same end.  But if they don't, the end results will be based on whether Thomas is on his game or not.

If DeShaun Thomas comes to play on Saturday, Winchester can only choose to loose by a lot, or little, depending on how they play him.  If Thomas doesn't have his A-Game, Luers better hope that Winchester double teams him anyway.

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