March 7, 2008

Haley Chaney Update 03-07-08

Haley Chaney's CarePage was updated early this afternoon. I'll add the update to the comments at the bottom of the original post about the accident. You can read more at those links, but here is a little bit from her mom:
This journey is forcing me to work through a whole melting pot of joys, hopes, questions, fears, emotions. I'm still trying to figure out how to sort through it all and “file it away.” There doesn't seem to be enough compartments. I ventured out for the first time to one of Laken’s basketball games Thursday night. It was just five minutes down the road from Parkview. I found myself struggling with fear that Laken would get hurt. I struggled as I observed how much energy and emotion, from both the players and fans, was put into a game that lasts for just an hour...and in the big scheme of life, doesn't mean that much. I struggled with watching how easy it was for these young kids to move and react when Haley could barely walk. I even struggled with seeing a young girl practice her cursive handwriting knowing Haley could barely hold a pencil.

I am in awe at how quickly life can change. We certainly have the ability to shape our future, but we in no way control it. Haley’s accident has made me realize in a very raw, intimate way how important it is to hold tight to Christ...and hold the things of this world very loosely.
Strength for Haley, Peace for Angie and Tony. Prayers are on the way... pass it on.

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