March 2, 2008

Haley Chaney Update for 3-2-2008

Haley Chaney's Care Page at Lutheran was updated early this afternoon. I will put the entire update at the bottom of the messages on the original post about the accident, but here's some current news (there's more at the links above):
The last visible reminder of ICU was removed today! Haley got her nose feeding (NG) tube out. Dieticians began counting her calorie intake after her meals a few days ago. Haley’s famous appetite is back! After breakfast and lunch, she consumed more than enough calories for an entire day—she still had dinner and some snack-times to come. Praise God, Haley is free of all tubes and IV’s!

Haley’s cognitive abilities are coming along. She still has trouble reading and comprehending because her vision is still correcting itself. The words on the page still move around a lot and she gets headaches easy. However, she is speaking with greater clarity, solving problems quicker, and cracking jokes more frequently =].

Haley continues to improve in her physical therapy, but her fine and gross motor skills are still struggling. The connections in her brain are still trying to find the quickest route to the muscles. She knows what she wants to do, but the message gets delayed or lost. Fourteen days in bed and sedation also took quite a toll on her core strength. Haley reminds me of the Scarecrow on Wizard of Oz after he came down off the post. He hung there so long that when he was finally released, he wobbled and flopped down the yellow brick road for a while. That’s pretty much Haley right now. We laugh a lot. But, look out world! Her strength is returning fast!
There is more at the links given up top, but please help contribute to Haley's continual improvement via prayers and other means as well.

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