March 5, 2008

Google Books

You may have heard that the search engine, Google, has been working to get books digitally scanned. Many books are already available at Google Books. Of particular interest are the books that allow "Full View," meaning that they are entirely scanned in and available for reading. So if you visit "Google Books" make sure you go to Advanced Search and click on "full view" to limit your search to books whose whole content is online.

The Letters of Emily Dickinson, for example, are available, as is Moby Dick and Great Expectations and Tom Sawyer and Silas Marner and ...

Edna St. Vincent Millay's wonderful "Renascence and Other Poems" and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and . . .

Arthur Davison Ficke's "Sonnets of a Portrait-Painter" and "North of Boston" by Robert Frost and all of McGuffey's Readers

Or Indiana: A Guide to the Hoosier State (which happens to contain a decent explanation for the term "Hoosier" that I had never heard before.)

Other books just have limited previews available, a few pages, like "Henry and Ribsy"

If you're a teacher and want everyone to read the same book, or If you're in a book club, or just want to read the same book as someone else, what a cheap way to go... aside of the cost of the computer, of course.

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