March 2, 2008

Bluffton 64, Luers 66

What an exciting game. We were at a Euchre tournament at St. Therese, but I was able to catch bits and pieces on my transistor radio.... a nice cheer went up for Luers at the end. Brock Woodward scored 18 for Bluffton, playing injured, and even on the radio I heard the crowd crow when Woodward stuffed a DeShaun Thomas shot near the end.

Bluffton called two timeouts before Jared Johnson’s long three-pointer hit the back of the rim and bounced out.

“Bluffton is a great team, and we underestimated them,” [Luers Coach] Barnett said. “People were saying we were going to blow them out, but we weren’t thinking that. We got lucky and came out with the win.”

A tip of the hat to Bluffton for a great season... I suspect these two teams will find themselves back face-to-face next year since they both have many underclassmen on the starting five.

Bluffton, like Woodlan before them, double teamed Thomas most of the game and only allowed him 15 points; but Bluffton tired near the end, which allowed Luers to ourscore them 17-7 in the final quarter.

Luers will face either Oak Hill, or Tipton next week. Bluffton ends their stellar season 23-1.

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