August 16, 2009

WOW! Bolt goes 9.58, taking .11 off his own world record...

I don't believe anyone has lowered the world record in the 100 by this much since electronic timing began in 1975. Even Ben Johnson, hyped up on drugs back in 1987, only lowered the record from 9.93 to 9.83.... today, in Berlin, Usain Bolt lowered his own world record from 9.69 down to 9.58... a huge, Beamonesque, leap. Bolt lowered the world record by 1.135 percent.

(Bob Beamon, fyi, raised the long jump record by over 6.6 percent by in 1968... so "Beamonesque" might be a little big of an exaggeration... but still... this is a huge jump in the 100 meter record.)

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