August 25, 2009

Wireless Speakers

I picked up these Audio Unlimited Wireless Speakers on Amazon since I couldn't find any at Walmart or the mall or Best Buy.  They used to be around $170 but I got them for the current price listed, $99.99.  I must say, I hooked them up this evening with ease and the sound is perfect, just what I was hoping for.

Why do I need remote wireless speakers? It's not that my hearing is in any way impaired by my age... don't be silly.  No, our LCD TV is placed in such a location that the sound bleeds out the back and into other rooms just as easily as it comes into the room where the TV resides.  So when the TV is loud enough in one room, it's too loud in the other.  With the 900 MHz wireless speakers, I can put a speaker right where it's most needed (next to my chair and in the back of the room).  I can control the sound on the remote speakers with a little remote and keep the sound on the TV down as low as I want.  I can even mute the TV and still get sound through the remote speakers since my TV has audio out.  Excellent!

Additional features include being able to hook up your iPod to the wireless speakers and being able to use the speakers on battery power if desired -- so you can put speakers outside, if you want, anywhere within a few hundred feet.  I don't have any old 900MHz phones, so I have no problem with any interference.

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