August 31, 2009

The Ossian Rampage

Although the opening paragraph is confusing, I believe what this article from the Berne Weekly News is saying is that Toby Schwartz, the guy who went on a drug-crazed rampage through Ossian back around August 20th, was cooking Meth out of his garage with the intent to sell. His home in Berne is within penalty range of the elementary school, and his girlfriend, Aaron Crew (wouldn't that be "Erin?"), has been arrested now as well. But the biggie here is that this guy was arrested for making Meth near a school on August 11 and was given home detention.

Home detention for making and dealing Methamphetamine near a grade school? Home detention for a Meth-head? And during the home detention the guy goes nuts and attacks people, steals their cars, robs people and stores, crashes into police cars? Am I reading this correctly Adams County?


Anonymous said...

Toby was on house arrest for a dui in Allen co. The way I understand it is that he had tested positive for pot, so the police came to his home to test him again and that is when they discovered the meth lab.

Dan said...

Ah... I see. Thanks, Anonymous.