June 29, 2009

Using Antique Technology

OK, so it really hurts when someone calls a Sony Walkman "antique technology" -- but I have to get used to this kind of thing because, well, you know... it's true.  Read the whole thing and consider how your own kids would evaluate the quality of a Walkman:

There were a number of buttons protruding from the top and sides of this device to provide functions such as "rewinding" and "fast-forwarding" (remember those?), which added even more bulk.

As well as this, the need for changing tapes is bothersome in itself. The tapes which I had could only hold around 12 tracks each, a fraction of the capacity of the smallest iPod.

Did my dad, Alan, really ever think this was a credible piece of technology?

It's my understanding, though I don't actually have an iPod to try it on, you actually can get an iPod to fast forward (press the middle button once until a diamond appears, then use the scrollwheel to advance the music).

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