June 14, 2009

How to get David Letterman Fired

I know, I really do, that not everyone is as upset by David Letterman "joking" about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter(s) being raped and abused by A-Rod and/or Eliot Spitzer (who frequents prostitutes).  Just a joke, just a joke... but so few decent people go into politics now and how many less will ever try to pull our country out of its problems if all they can look forward to is sickening jokes about themselves and their children on national TV.  I'll tell you what, pick your favorite teenage daughter, sister, grand daughter, or niece and put their name in David Letterman's mouth.  What do you think their life at school would be like in the days and weeks after Letterman makes his funny joke about them getting knocked up during the seventh-inning-stretch and then watching the replay on Sports Center later that night.  What will the boys and other girls being saying about them after Letterman insunuates that an old whore-lover like Eliot Spitzer is slobbering over them.

Then, when the joke is about your loved-one, then maybe you'll be interested in How to Get David Letterman Fired.

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