June 15, 2009

And the reason David Letterman's apology is too late?

Even though Letterman tried again to apologize this evening, it's too late... Letterman already played the apology card last week for more yuks, repeating his disgusting jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughters. And now, because of Letterman and in support of Letterman, Bill Maher has decided to take the whole thing down further into the gutter, actually using the F word with respect to Letterman and 14 year old Willow.

They both believe they are untouchable...and in an Indian sense, I rather think they are. But in a financial and career respect -- normal everyday Americans are the reason they even have careers... and what is given, can be taken away if enough people find them offensive.

I wonder what the FBI has to say about Bill Maher's comment about the possibility of Letterman raping 14-year-old Willow on the stage for Letterman's show... I may just have to find out.

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