June 8, 2009

Palin 14 for 14

I wonder what other Governor, ever, had their own state swamp them with ethics charges after being picked to be on a national ticket.  Normally I would expect states to exhibit pride in the honor, but Alaska Democrats are another beast.  Sarah Palin, since accepting the nod to run for VP and gaining the national spotlight, has been hit with 14 ethics lawsuits.  Last week, the last one was knocked down, making Palin 14 for 14... not one charge was valid.  Not only did the lawsuits cost her family hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend, but they cost the state of Alaska, as well.

I would think those who brought the charges would be ashamed, but shame doesn't seem to enter into politics any more.  I'm sure more ethics charges will be brought against Governor Palin since it appears to be free, not costing the person who complains anything while wasting thousands of tax and private dollars and everyone's time.  The last complaint, for example, was that the Governor wore a coat with decals/logos on it to one of her husband's snowmobile races. 

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