June 23, 2009

House to vote on Friday regarding Cap and Trade Carbon Taxes

I've said it before and will probably say it again: Congress and the Administration are like little kids in a store, touching, poking, breaking everything they see and not particularly caring about the damage left behind.  If it's not Health Care, it's Cap and Trade, if it's not CAFE standards, it's the next unconstitutional czar.  If the President isn't breaking his own law by firing a whistle-blower without notifying Congress, he's firing bio-ethicists who disagree with him.  Who gave the Executive Branch (both Bush and Obama) the money and approval to purchase GM and Chrysler? No one! When banks pay back TARP money, how can the President keep the money in a Presidential slush fund and not return it to the people?  He can't, and yet he does.  We see coverage for days about the skill and ramifications of the President swatting a fly but hardly a word is ever spoken about the President's stance on increasing America's nuclear energy.

If the President's strategy is to overwhelm the nation with proposed change until his critics tire out... he's well on his way.

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