March 13, 2009

Renovating Norwell

The Bluffton News-Banner reports on the split between those who don't mind paying more taxes to upgrade Norwell and those who do.

Having been through meetings like this during the renovation of South Side High School in Ft. Wayne, I can tell you it's quite frustrating on both sides.  We're taxed so much and so much of it goes to waste or to projects that are unworthy or unnecessary, it's difficult to get people vote for more taxes on themselves when a needed and worthy project comes along.  Make that doubly difficult since Governor Daniels has finally gotten our property taxes lowered & this would bring them back up to where they were.

One note though -- the South Side renovation passed and the school is magnificent.  It had been built before 1922 and didn't get major building funds until around the late 1990's.  Students attending South Side before the renovation had to learn through leaks, bats, narrow hallways, broken heating systems and sub par facilities for years while watching newer schools like Wayne and Northrop go through their days without those distractions.

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