March 7, 2009

Indiana "gets" $35 million for Police

Indiana is getting more than $35 million in stimulus money for law enforcement activities

This is the problem with journalists... they write like children. Did you ever have one of your young kids talk to you about money and believe all you had to do was go to the bank machine to "get" as much money as you want? Sure Indiana is going to "get" some money -- In fact, Indiana will be "getting" well over $11 billion from the stimulus -- over $1,700 per person in Indiana, but that is dwarfed by the folks in the District of Columbia who will be "getting" nearly $2,600 per person. I guess the folks in D.C. need to be stimulated more than the folks in the heartland. But what will be the cost of "getting" this money in the long run?

A better headline would be "Washington borrows $1 trillion from China, chucks $35 million at Indiana to expand Hoosier Police programs because Lord knows, we can't have any government programs shrink."

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