February 16, 2009

Ready, Set...

I like that even though the current administration in Washington D.C. has delayed the mandatory switch to digital TV, Channels 21, 33 and 39 are switching over tomorrow (2-17) anyway.  Good for them!  I don't particularly like that this is happening at all, but if it's gonna happen, let it happen.

Question:  What happens to all the old broadcasting gear?  I mean, I personally have several little, old televisions that will be useless after this switch.  (Why would I hook up a $70 digital converter box to a 2 inch, handheld color TV?  Why would I hook up a converter box to a cheapo 6 inch black and white television monitor?)  I imagine some future where someone pirates the old broadcast channels and people continue watching on their old, obsolete TVs.  The government may feel it can control the electronic spectrum, but how hard is it, really, to broadcast analog on UHF?  More realistically, I imagine some small companies or schools could set up small stations on the cheap with all this old gear and broadcast privately for communications and training purposes.

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