February 9, 2009

The Deniers

Read this nice review of "The Deniers" by Lawrence Solomon, a book about scientists who disagree with the human-caused, CO2 global warming meme that's forced its way into all of our lives.  One paragraph of a long, detailed review is below.  The review is an interesting read in itself!  I may need to get this book...

Lawrence Solomon, the Canadian environmentalist and anti- nuclear campaigner, sought to find well-regarded scientists who disagreed with the AGW (anthropogenic global warming) hysteria promoted by Al Gore and the IPCC. The result was astonishing in that for all of the headline issues of the AGW hypothesis, he found dissenting scientists who were consistently the most accomplished and eminent people in their respective fields of expertise. In fact, the more he searched, the more there seemed to be, complete with data and analysis to support their positions. Chillingly, several of them, despite their substantial expertise and reputations, declined on-record interviews for fear of losing their funding and, in some cases, their jobs.

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