February 6, 2009

Chaney wins Courage Award

A very nice article from the Indiana NewsCenter about Norwell's Haley Chaney

In the last twelve months Haley Chaney has defied the odds time and time again. She survived an accident that left her on life support and even though the doctors said it wasn't likely, just a couple months later Haley was back on the hardwood doing what she loves. Sadly, Haley took an elbow to the head a couple weeks ago, ending her career as a basketball player. Then, on Wednesday night, a moment Haley will never forget.

Haley's Coach Eric Thornton came up with a plan to get her on the court one more time. Coach Thornton said "I think everyone wanted to see Haley out there on the floor one last time."

It was senior night, a night that would not be complete for the Lady Knights unless Haley was on the floor. She got that moment. One play with no contact, Kylie Dial dribbling up the floor, the pass to Haley, and an outstanding career is complete. Haley's close friend Kylie Dial said that moment was amazing. "Dribbling down the floor and looking for Haley was just unbelievable. And then passing her the ball and her making it and then the crowd cheering, it was an amazing experience."

Twelve hours later, another moment that will forever live on in Haley's memory. She was chosen by the National Federation of High Schools as their courage award recipient.

And read also, The last layup, from the Bluffton News-Banner and the Banners article (and pictures) regarding the courage award.

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