February 13, 2009

Norwell wins 18th straight game

The Norwell defense did a great job blocking out and going after Peru throughout their semifinal game tonight. Peru averaged 53 points a game this season and the girls held them to just 30 points while the Knights scored 63.. They'll be facing off tomorrow evening for the sectional title against the winner of today's Elmhurst-Wayne game (update: Elmhurst defeated Wayne 70-34). The Knights were expected to defeat Peru, Elmhurst is a tougher ticket -- the only surprise tonight was how few students and fans turned out for the game. The gym at Bellmont had room for three times more people.

Perhaps that's the major difference between the games we used to attend in 1976-77 and today. Oh, sure, some seasons our teams didn't draw too many fans, but when Norwell was ranked and moving through the sectionals and regionals -- the students, parents and fans got out and turned up the volume. Where have they all gone?

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