February 16, 2009

If Kansas can't pay her bills

Maybe Kansas should cut back on her services

Kansas has suspended income tax refunds and may not be able to pay employees on time, the state's budget director said Monday.

The state doesn't have enough money in its main bank account to pay its bills, prompting Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to suggest transferring $225 million from other accounts throughout state government. But the move required approval from legislative leaders, and the GOP refused Monday.

Budget Director Duane Goossen said that without the money, he's not sure the state can meet its payroll. State employees are due to be paid again Friday.

Goossen said the state stopped processing income tax refunds last week.

Why is Kansas spending $12 billion a year when they bring in under $6 billion in taxes and how long did they think that could go on? Why is Kansas spending over $5 billion a year on Education? Nearly every state in the union is spending half their budgets on education and what, what are they... what are we getting for it? The Education System of America is out of control, I tell you. We are throwing money down holes and showing nothing in results for it.

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