November 1, 2008

Senator Obama and his Aunt

So Senator Obama's Aunt is in the country illegally.... I personally don't really care, she's old and poor and her nephew's one of the most famous and perhaps one of the most powerful people in the world... let her stay.

What concerns me is the Senator's reaction. People call him calm, even cold -- but this is beyond cold. What would your response have been? I mean, he's a Senator, possibly the next president -- he didn't know about her status. He should have said, "I was unaware of my aunt's status, but will do everything in my power to help her remain if she wants to remain in this, the greatest country in the world, for the reminder of her life. I don't have a lot of family left and hope this can be worked out to everyone's best interest."

But to say that "any and all laws should be followed..." Man.. he wants his own aunt deported because it makes him look strong on the law? That's just cold. You know, it reminds me of that question Dukakis was asked in a presidential debate back in the 80's. Remember, he was against the death penalty and Bernard Shaw asked him what he would want done if his own wife were brutally murdered... Dukakis gave some cold, detached answer.

This isn't a presidential debate, though, and it's quite late in the process -- shoot, millions of people have already voted and millions more will never hear about the newest relative Senator Obama has thrown under the bus. Suffice to say, though, that I find The Senator's detachment quite troubling.

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