November 10, 2008

Pandora's Music Box

Someone brought an interesting music site to my attention today.  It's called  If you register there (free and easy) Pandora allows you to create personal radio stations of music you like.  Not a broadcast radio station, mind you, you just type in an artist, or a song you like and Pandora turns it into a music station just for you that plays songs and artists similar to the one you chose.

The downfall of this is, of course, that you may miss a lot of music outside of the categories you've chosen that perhaps you might like if you'd only listen to them.  The benefit of this method is that you may find artists you love you never would have found otherwise.  There are lots of options on the site, allowing you to make many stations, share your song choices with others, keep bookmarks online of your favorites, etc.

The connections the software makes for you are often interesting... try it out sometime, you can always create a station and minimize the window, allowing your computer to play songs in the background while you balance your checkbook, or read the news.


MikeR said...

Timing is everything, thanks for the post. I tried it on Tuesday and thought it was kind of cool. Then I thought, I have two XM Satellite Radio subscriptions, one for my vehicle and one for home so I don't need it. I've been an XM fan since I first subscribed in 2003, mainly because of their "Beyond Jazz" channel. "Beyond Jazz" was unique because the DJ, Russ Davis had an uncanny ability to find unique jazz from around the world. He mixed the new stuff with classic fusion jazz. For me it was a great way to discover music I had never heard of that I ended up liking. All I had to do was turn it on. Well, today, as a result of the Sirrius-XM merger, they dropped "Beyond Jazz". Now I think will at least replace the home subscription I have for XM. It is due to renew next month and I will let them know I'm using Pandora instead. So thanks for the chance to vent and giving me an alternative. :-)

Dan said...

That's too bad that they dropped Beyond Jazz... what was it Frost said about good things?...

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