December 4, 2007

Sharia Creep

Sharia is the body of Islamic religious law, and it seems to be creeping into power in England. Why is it that Nativity plays are being pushed aside in Britain because the government shouldn't push one religion over another, but the government-run health system is telling their nurses to turn beds to face Mecca five times a day and provide fresh, running water for ritual cleansing on a continuing basis? We wouldn't put up with such demands here in America, right? But, of course the footbaths at the Indy airport are just a convenience. And, of course, the United States Federal Civil Rights case against the Oklahoma school district forcing them to allow a Muslim girl to wear a face scarf despite their dress code... happens all the time, right? The Feds are always suing the schools to allow religious expression in public school settings.... Not!

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