December 13, 2007

MLB Steriod Use: Mitchell Report

OK, here is a link to the Mitchell Major League Baseball Steroid-Use Report. I find the state of professional sports quite sad, but it's sadder still to release a report like this, which calls out players by name, publishes hearsay from trainers and other players, does not show any failures of any drug tests, and then says, "I asked him to meet with me to discuss these comments, but he declined." And so there are these one-sided sections in the report saying everything that Roger Clemens did, everything that Andy Pettitte did -- without any rebuttal from the players, without any evidence but their performance that they did anything wrong.

Perhaps they are all cheating, the quality of their play at their age level seems to say so... but this report treats people badly.

That said, if you're interested, click here for a list of the players mentioned in the report.

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