December 5, 2007

Sanders Visits School

A very nice article about Colts safety Bob Sanders visiting Brown elementary school in Brownsburg, IN.  It was part of the NFL's " Take a Player to School" sweepstakes.

The reality of this celebrity experience sank in for Combs when they entered the school to a hero's welcome. Students lined the halls and held up blue-and-white signs. They screamed at the sight of a real NFL player. The kid next to the star just beamed.

After a few autograph signings and an appearance on the school's daily television report, Sanders went to Combs' class. Combs spoke first, then Sanders answered questions. How much he can bench press? "A lot." The best moment of his life? "When I was drafted into the NFL."

The Colts star shuffled off from there to speak to more than 100 students in the gymnasium. He urged them to stay in school, exercise and chase their dreams. "Keep on pushing," he said.

Time for more questions, including one about his height.

"I'm actually 5-8 and a half," Sanders said. "People don't know, but that half inch means a lot to me."

What a day for Combs, a new kid in this tight-knit western suburb. He moved from Carmel in July.

"This helped him be a star for the day," said his mother, Carrie.

Combs and his class sat on the bleachers one last time for some pictures. During a momentary break from the flashbulbs, a classmate said, "Hey, Jack! You're famous!" Others chimed in. Combs kept glancing at Sanders while taking it all in.

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