December 17, 2007

Edna Parker is Number 1

The World's oldest person, Hryhoriy Nestor, died at age 116 in Ukraine.  That means that Edna Parker, who lives in Shelbyville and will be 115 in April, is now the oldest person on Earth.  Bertha Fry, who lived in Muncie, passed away in November at age 113 (just weeks from her 114th birthday).

It's interesting that Sandy Allen, the world's tallest woman, lives in the same retirement center in Shelbyville as Edna Parker.  So Indiana can now claim the World's Oldest and the World's Tallest Women... and they both live in the same place in Shelbyville.  Interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine what she has seen in her life...outstanding! Best wishes to you Edna.

Michael S.