February 8, 2010

We're Hard to Govern -- on Purpose

America is Not Ungovernable, our founding fathers designed our nation this way

The solution the country ultimately settled on had five important features: checks and balances so that the branches would police one another; a large republic so that majority sentiment was fleeting and not intensely felt; a Senate where the states would be equal; enumerated congressional powers to limit the scope of governmental authority; and the Bill of Rights to offer extra protection against the government.

The end result was a government that is powerful, but not infinitely so. Additionally, it is schizophrenic. It can do great things when it is of a single mind - but quite often it is not of one mind. So, to govern, our leaders need to build a broad consensus. When there is no such consensus, the most likely outcome is that the government will do nothing.

The President's two major initiatives - cap-and-trade and health care - have failed because there was not a broad consensus to enact them. Our system is heavily biased against such proposals. That's a good thing.

Make sure you click on the link, this is an interesting article by Jay Cost and there's lots more to it.

Update: [Jay] Cost is 99% right. But his argument misses the crucial 1 percent. The Left doesn’t want to govern, it wants to rule.

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