February 1, 2010

Just who did we elect, and for what?

The President is creating a commission -- more money spent on more unelected "officials" reporting to the Executive Branch -- to bring fiscal responsibility to America. In the same breath, his budget is "terrifying" in size and scope.

Under the path laid out by the president, absent the work of the fiscal commission, the national debt is set to rise to a staggering 77 percent of the economy by 2020. That year, interest payments on the debt alone will be $840 billion; by way of comparison, all non security discretionary spending in 2020 is estimated to be $537 billion. And these terrifying numbers reflect the optimistic scenario.

The President is trying again this year to take money from charities, planning to pull in $300 billion to the Federal Government by reducing charitable deductions and mortgage deductions. He's assuming another $150 billion in savings on health care despite the health care fiasco on the ground at his feet.

Our elected officials see themselves between a rock and a hard place, they think they will lose their jobs if they cut spending because spending is how they keep their jobs today. Neither party deserves to remain. It has been clear for a long time that Social Security and Medicaid have to be cut. It has been clear for a long time that states cannot continue to spend half their budget on education and the other half on government worker pensions. The power of the Tea Partiers is that none of this bribery will work on them.... for the most part, Tea Partiers are Eliot Ness to the current gangster-filled political landscape. Money bombs are falling all around the looters in Congress and they'll be replaced by people who don't intend to make their career through bribery.

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