February 23, 2010

For a few magic beans

After all the uproar about bribing Nebraska and Louisiana and Florida and the Unions to sign on to the Health Care bill, the President has decided to just give those gifts to everyone in his new plan... taking it on to the federal government to pay most of the State's medicare bills up through 2020 and not taxing anyone's Cadillac health care plans until 2018.

Now the President's EPA is pulling the same stunt with the regulation of carbon. Faced with a Congress upset that the EPA might just tax us into depression, the EPA says, not to worry, they won't start regulating until down the road, maybe after 2016, perhaps.

So in the future, sometime after the President is long gone from office, the states are agreeing to balloon taxes to pay for our health care, balloon taxes to pay for federal and state worker pensions and balloon taxes to pay for the regulation of energy.

I'm starting to feel like an indentured servant, signing away my future freedom for free passage today. Or even worse, selling my kids into slavery for a few magic beans.

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