February 25, 2010

The Hawaiian Reservation

I've always considered the Native American reservation system to be a rather horrible compromise between freedom and progress that grew out of the times.  But out in Hawaii, native polynesian's are looking a multi-billion dollar windfall of a compromise in the face.  The Hawaiian legislators are working to pass a bill that would, however you want to say it, form a new reservation system for Native American's in Hawaii.

The bill would grant federal recognition to Native Hawaiians, allowing them to form their own sovereign government similar to American Indians and Native Alaskans, giving them the power to negotiate over land use and cultural preservation. It would instantly create the second largest native "tribe" in the United States with almost 400,000 members -- including roughly 20 percent of Hawaii's residents based solely on their Polynesian heritage. 

But many say the bill's biggest impact lies in the amount of 'ceded' lands the state and federal government may be required to transfer to the new Hawaiian nation. About 1.8 million acres were 'ceded' when Hawaii became a state. Some of those lands are expected to be returned to the native Hawaiians under the Akaka bill.

From what I understand, if this bill passes then anyone with ancestral ties to the native Polynesians who were in Hawaii before 1893 (when Queen Liliuokalani's kingdom fell) would be able to form their own government and govern themselves... and this new "reservation" would own about 25% of the Hawaiian islands.  The reservation systems we know on the mainland grew out of presidential executive orders forcing Indians onto land nobody wanted... this Hawaiian deal is the exact opposite, with the U.S. government freeing her own citizens from her sovereignty and giving them land everybody wants.

Once again, this appears to be an instance of the minority controlling the majority since only 35% of Hawaiian's want this bill to pass.

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kamana kapu said...

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