July 23, 2009

Welcome to Solar Minimum

Fred Dardick writes about the quiet Sun in the Canada Free Press

The primary effect solar cycles can have on the earth illustrates one of the biggest problems with global warming proponents. Computer models, often presented as irrefutable evidence for global warming, often ignore factors which have a much greater impact on global temperature than carbon dioxide concentration.

It also begs the question: Even if carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, what does it matter if the earth is cooling 5X faster because of the sun?

The great irony here is it is entirely possible that President Obama and congressional Democrats will impose massive new energy taxes on the nation in a misguided effort to combat global warming, while at the same time the earth is barreling towards another little ice age.

The comment on computer models ignoring the forest for the trees is exactly right.  Because it is impossible to predict the activity of the Sun, the models ignore it and the global warmers pretend the Sun has an unchanging affect on the climate of Earth.  Read the whole thing, as it does a good job of describing scientific efforts to map solar activity to Earth's climate.

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