July 30, 2009

Bullying the States

Senator Schumer (Democrat, NY) would like to bully every state into passing laws against driving and texting by taking away federal highway funds if they don't.  (Do as I say or I'll stop borrowing money from China to pave your roads).  That's a great reason for not passing a texting law.  The more states who get off the Federal dole, the better.  Another reason is that cell phones do not appear to be increasing the number of highway deaths in America.

Look at the above chart, click on it to make it larger or go to the link about cell phones.  The number of highway deaths in America has been stagnant since the early 90's with even a sizable drop in 2008.  Now what can you tell me about cell phone usage between 1990 and 2008?  I think we can assume that the drop in 2008 was do to fewer miles on the road due to the price of gasoline last year, so the explosion in cell phone usage in the last decade has resulted in zero impact on highway deaths.

Once again, our federal representatives seek to restrict our freedoms, they seek to legislate common sense, they seek, at any and every opportunity, to control.

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